Using Sklearn’s Dump SVM Light File Format

Using the svmlight / libsvm file format is a good idea when dealing with sparse datasets. This is because it stores one sample per line, albeit in a text format. It is not the most compact format, however. It may be the best option if you’re dealing with a small dataset, or just want to avoid cluttering your hard drive.

The libsvm/svmlight file format is not the only format used by sklearn. There are also more compact formats used for storing text data. One such format is sklearndatasets.dump_svmlight_file, which has a slightly higher minimum Python version requirement. The svmlight / libsvm format is suitable for storing a single sample per line, which is not the case with sklearndatasets.dump_svmlight_file. The libsvm / svmlight format also features the svm.mscm (SVMlight Message Sequence), which contains one sample per line. It may not be the most compact format, but it’s worth the extra effort. The libsvm / SVMlight format also features one-based column indices. In fact, it’s a lot more performant than the sklearn datastores.dump_svmlight_file method.

The svmlight / svmlight / libsvm libsvm / sklearndatasets.dump_svmlight_file has an impressive 30 examples. In addition to the 30 examples, you’ll also find a few interesting tidbits. There’s a clean_dataset method and a clean_dataset function for instance, which can be a bit trickier to work out the first time around. This is because the svmlight / svmlight files contain not only the data you need, but also some code samples you may not. These samples are not the most elegant of objects, and will likely cause a few headaches as you tinker with your files.

The svmlight svm has a few tricks up its sleeve. In particular, the libsvm / svmlight svmloader library has been hailed as the best svmlight / svmlight file format utility. It’s also one of the most flexible formats in the library, which means you’ll have a lot of leeway to experiment with it. It’s also one of the more efficient and reliable of the svmlight / vsmlight files. The libsvm / VMS file format also has a few other notable features. One such feature is the ability to load the svmlight / mscm file as a sparse X, which is a clever way to avoid the clutter.