Angular Material Select

Angular material select is a part of the UI component infrastructure in Angular. It is used for desktop and mobile Angular web applications. It is used as a form control, allowing the user to choose a value from a set of options. The mat-select input field is a form control that handles key down events and allows the user to scroll through options. It also allows the user to select the value using the enter key. There are also other features, including an option panel at the screen border and error messages. In addition to the features listed above, Angular material select provides a form control for Angular forms.

The mat-select element has two modes, single selection and multiple selection. In single selection mode, all selected values are shown. In multiple selection mode, each selected value is shown in a sorted list. The default is single selection mode. A mat-select option may contain child elements. Each mat-option element has a value property. When the user selects an option, the value of the option is set to its value. It is also possible to bind the data of an input box to the mat-select option.

The select input has an unstyled version. This version is ideal for those who want to make heavy customizations to the input. Moreover, the input can be configured to be read only by adding a :readonly pseudo-class. The readonly attribute executes at priority level 100. It is only applicable to input elements with a particular type. To use the readonly attribute, you need to use a special directive.

The MatSelectTrigger is a MDC-based mat-select. It has some special properties, including focus and SPAN customization. It also allows you to add icons and stylized text. You can use the MatSelectTrigger token to reference MatSelectTrigger instances. The token can also be used to prevent unnecessary retention of the class or directive metadata. When the select is selected, you can use the MatSelectTrigger to change the value and text. You can also use the MatSelectTrigger to add a button or an icon to the select panel. When the user selects an option, you can use the MatSelectTrigger function to compare the option values with the selected values. This function should return a boolean to indicate whether the input is selected or not. The select can be set to multi-selection or single-selection mode by setting the multi or single properties of the select element.

The mat-select element can also be set to a placeholder. When the select is floating, the placeholder gives the user a hint of the value that they can select. The placeholder can be set with the placeholder attribute. In addition, a MatSelect input field may be customized using the mat-form-field element. It is similar to the native select element in many ways, but has some performance advantages. It is also discouraged to use the native select element inside a mat-form-field.

The MatSelectTrigger can also be used to filter the inputs in a form field. The MatSelectTrigger harness will click the options that match the filter. You can also use the MatSelectTrigger function as a filter to select select instances with a particular set of attributes.