Test Your H2 Database

tidbit: It is a good idea to perform a test suite on your H2 database, a.s.a.s., for the best possible security and uptime. Upon initial startup, H2 will create one or more in-memory databases. Objects can be created and removed in milliseconds, ensuring that only the highest quality data is stored. Unlike other database systems, H2 provides a graphical user interface (GUI), allowing developers to interact with the data with as little user intervention as possible. The system will also perform the more mundane functions such as committing and rolling back open transactions. For instance, if the database is accessed while in session, it can reclaim any in-memory objects that may have been created or removed. The system will also cache the data, a good idea if you need to retrieve data from an in-memory table at a later date. In short, H2 is the database of choice if you have your heart set on an in-memory database. Fortunately, the database is also compatible with Spring Boot, making for a streamlined integration experience.