Material Design For Android – TextInputLayout

Among all of the Material Design components in the Android app store, the TextInputLayout is a top dog. Its top-shelf componentry and robust documentation make it a harried developer’s best friend, and one that is difficult to beat in the war for the best app store. The Google design support library did its part to make it the coolest UI element around. The best part is you can download it for free!

For the budget minded, you can even download a snazzy Material Design for Android app. The Material Design For Android app makes it easy to build the next-gen app of your dreams. Whether your app is a business, consumer or enterprise app, Material Design For Android has your back. The Material Design for Android is packed with features designed to make your app easier to develop, test, deploy, and optimize. From a high-level design language to a full-featured API, Material Design For Android offers a comprehensive set of components to suit your needs. Its well-defined interface is designed to minimize code complexity while maintaining a solid development experience.