Building MuJoCo in Python

Using MuJoCo to its fullest potential requires a bit more than a handful of scripts and a few command line tweaks. With that said, MuJoCo boasts a surprisingly large developer community and a healthy number of tinkerers. To help you along the way, here are some of the best mujoco resources available in the wild. Some are more formal than others, but they’re a good starting point for any enthusiast looking to take the plunge into the world of python. For more information, check out the MuJoCo website. They’ve got a pretty good FAQ section. You can also ask them about their latest release, the MuJoCo 2.1.1. It’s only a few hours old, but it’s already made its presence known. In fact, MuJoCo was the first Pytorm to be featured on Pytorm, and that’s a pretty big deal. It’s also one of the first Pytorm versions to be fully supported and will be a great place to start for any enthusiast looking to get their foot in the Pytorm door.

The MuJoCo website also offers a tutorial on how to build the most recent version of the mujoco python, which should have you set up to code in no time.